Tipula - Cultivating Culture


Tipula on vuonna 1890 perustettu pieni maatila Mudaisten kylässä, Laitilassa. Vuonna 2021 toimintansa aloitti Tipulan kulttuuriyhdistys ry. Yhdistys edistää tutkija- ja taiteilijaresidenssejä, järjestää tapahtumia ja konsertteja sekä
vuokraa Konserttitila Suulia.

The Cultural Organisation of Tipula was born from
the love of arts.

It pursues to: Provide the residences for artists from various fields and develop the activity based on the needs of creative work. Organize concerts, camps and events in Tipula and further production of publications and exhibitions. Goal is to reach out to create international bonds, acquire funding for the Arts and Culture and adduce ecological values and sustainable, environmentally friendly way of life: old garden, self-grown and near-by produced food, surrounding forests, old farmland and wheatfields.

Come and nourish your creativity.